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Author: Tianhe chemical sources: original date:2012-04-11

Solid caustic soda flake
96% 千赢国际娱乐_千亿国际娱乐_qy886千赢国际
99% 千赢国际娱乐_千亿国际娱乐_qy886千赢国际

千赢国际娱乐_千亿国际娱乐_qy886千赢国际 is a basic chemical raw material widely used in papermaking, synthetic detergent, soap, viscose, rayon, cotton fabric and other light textile industry fields, pesticide, dye, rubber and chemical industry fields, petroleum drilling, petroleum refining, tar oil refining, national defense industry, industrial machinery, timber processing, metallurgical industry, pharmaceutical industry and urban construction, etc.

Sodium hydroxide (NaOH)
Commonly known as caustic soda, white crystal at room temperature with strong corrosiveness. Easily soluble in water and its solution is strongly alkaline to make phenolphthalein red. Sodium hydroxide is a very common alkali and is one of the chemical lab essential drugs. It is easy to absorb water vapor in the air, so it must be kept under seal and use rubber stopper. Its solution can be used as washing liquid.
Density: 2.130g/m3   
Melting point: 318.4℃   
Water solubility: Easily soluble in water, aqueous solution is colorless  
Boiling point: 1390℃   
Alkali dissociation constant (Kb) = 3.0   
Alkali dissociation constant reciprocal logarithm (pKb) = -0.48   
Lethal dose: 40mg/kg   

Product parameters: Alias​​/chemical name: NaOH
Molecular formula/structural formula: NaOH
Molecular weight: 40
Density(g/l): 2.13
Assay(%): 96% 99%
Specification: Technical grade/food grade
Product name: Caustic soda
Executive standard: GB209---2006/GB5175-2008
99% 千赢国际娱乐_千亿国际娱乐_qy886千赢国际 content index: NaOH%>=99.0% NaCI%<=0.03% Na2CO3%<=0.5% Fe2O3%<=0.005%
96% 千赢国际娱乐_千亿国际娱乐_qy886千赢国际 content index: NaOH%>=96.0% NaCI%<=2.5% Na2CO3%<=1.2% Fe2O3%<=0.008%
Main use: Chemical manufacture, papermaking, aluminum refining, tungsten refining, rayon, artificial silk, and soap manufacture, the production of dye, plastic, drug and organic intermediate, old rubber recycling, metal sodium preparation, water electrolysis and inorganic salt production, the preparation of borax, chromium salt, permanganate, phosphate, etc.
Packing: 千赢国际娱乐_千亿国际娱乐_qy886千赢国际/caustic soda particle------ 25kg/bag, Double inner and outer plastic woven bags with a membrane bag in the middle. Solid caustic soda------ 200kg/barrel, iron barrel.

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